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5' Grow Tubes

5' Grow Tubes - 5' Grow Tubes
5' Grow Tubes - 5' Grow Tubes
5' Grow Tubes - 5' Grow Tubes
5' Grow Tubes - 5' Grow Tubes
Item #: 5' Grow Tubes
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    Price is per tube.

    Make sure to order Bamboo Stakes to attach the grow tube to.

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    Our 5' grow tubes are an extra large size that provide additional protection from deer browsing.

    Grow Tubes are plastic translucent to specific sunlight tubes that act as mini-greenhouses that protect and nurture growth of small one year old seedlings until the tree is big enough to survive on its own.

    Grow Tubes are valuable planting aides, especially in locations where there is less opportunity for care, such as forest or wildlife plantings, or where there is predation by deer, mice and other critters. Remove the tree stake as it is not necessary when using grow tubes.

    The grow tubes are designed to slide over a 1yr old seedling tree, which is typically whip-like (no lateral branching). Grow tubes are a fast and easy way to protect hardwood seedlings from bark damage caused by gnawing rodents, deer antler rub, weed sprays and string trimmers. (You will need a stake to attach the grow tube to). You can use the grow tubes on older trees (2yr old trees -3 gallon container), by cutting the tube length wise, in between the holes so that you can attach it back together and to a stake. Cutting the tube this way does compromise it to some degree. You do remove the lower lateral branching to fit inside the 4' tube. If you have the central leader and foliage sticking out of the tube - most deer can reach it and will destroy it. We recommend a cage around the tree at this point. Many of our experienced food plot customers build cages. The best cages are made with 4 metal T-posts driven in the ground in a 4’ - 5' diameter circle around the tree, and then 5-6’ heavy wire fencing or plastic deer mesh is wrapped around the T-posts and secured with Zip-ties. The Grow Tubes stay on the trees inside the cages to protect against small animals and all of the other benefits. In areas with bear or lots of deer, a cage may be the only way to allow your trees to grow.

    Grow tubes help with weed control (by protecting the tree from spray and drift from herbicide) and offer some cold protection in late season frosts.

    They can dramatically increase growth rates, and one-year seedling often grow out of the top of a 4’ tube in 1 season! The Grow tube stays on until the tree outgrows the tube, usually after 4-5 years.


    NOTE* Wildlife professionals have determined that bears are attracted to certain petroleum products: I.E Grow Tubes. If you have bears in your area remove the grow tubes and protect the trees by building a strong cage around the trees. Remove the attractant is the single best way to keep people, property safe/damage and avoid the unnecessary killing of bears that come into conflict with people.

    • Tube diameter = 3.9 in O.D.
    • Tube construction = Rigid, twin-walled structure – ensures efficient sunlight diffusion and rugged structural integrity
    • Sun light package – Proprietary pigment for optimal plant growth in the widest range of sun conditions
    • Venting – Perforated vented sections standard
    • Perf-line designed to burst as tree reaches the maximum diameter of the tube
    • Attachment = Double Wire Twist Ties
    • Bird exclusion mesh = included as standard on 4ft and 5ft tree tubes
    • Material = Environmentally sensitive polyethylene blend
    • U.V. field life = 7 years or more under average conditions

    Grow Tube Install tip: Please remove the tree stake as it is not necessary when using grow tubes.

    If your seedlings or larger sized trees have side (lateral) branches please remove them carefully using a sharp pruning shearers before installing the grow tube. Do NOT bend side branches upward to squeeze or otherwise force them into the grow tube. Doing so will encourage narrow branch crotch angles that can cause weak branching and other problems as the tree matures. Do not trim the central leader of the tree.

    Grow Tubes should be left on the seedling trees as long as they could be harmed by rodents, rabbits or deer, or when the tree diameter fills the tube.