Please use the shopping cart to place your order, or you can order by calling us at 1-855-386-7826.  You can also download the order form, and send in by mail with a check.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Orders can also be mailed in and paid by personal check or Money Order. We charge a fee of $35 for each check returned by our bank due to lack of funds.

We will not charge your credit card until just before we ship your trees. All payment must be made in full before shipping.

The minimum order amount is $50.00.  This is because of the cost of shipping materials.

Volume discounts for those wanting to plant larger numbers of trees are available for almost all our items.  Prices are discounted when you purchase 10, 25, or 100 trees or more, and you may mix and match items to obtain the discount.  

We collect sales tax on all sales shipped to Florida or picked up at the farm. Deliveries to out of state customers are exempt. The law requires us to presume that all sales are taxable unless exempt status is established. 

There are tax exemptions and reductions available for resale of plants, agricultural and orchard use.

We will custom grow a crop of trees for you, such as large numbers of a particular cultivar or larger numbers than we currently produce, for delivery the next season.  Some varieties, if we have to grow more rootstock first, may take up to 2 seasons to produce.  We require a 50% deposit and signed custom growing agreement to provide this service.  Please call or email us for more details.


For most plant varieties we ship trees and plants that have been grown a year or more in a root-enhancing container at our nursery.  Container grown trees have much better developed root systems which greatly increases their survival on transplanting.  These are grown the same way and are the same trees that we ship to garden centers and use for step-up in our nursery operation.

This is vastly superior to many other mail-order nurseries that sell field-grown trees purchased from another nursery and brokered by the mail-order company.  Many types of field-grown trees do not have well-developed root systems and can dry out and die after digging or during storage before shipment, if not handled carefully.  It is cheaper for the seller, but inferior for the customer.  

Each product page lists the size and type of tree we ship for that variety.  Larger sizes available at the nursery are listed here as well.

For mail-order shipping during the dormant season, we remove the pots and some of the soil before shipping.  During the fall, before the trees have gone dormant, we will ship the trees in the containers they were grown in. In some cases, we will pre-prune trees before shipment.

All plants are dipped in a moisture-retention root gel before shipping and wrapped in plastic.  This way you get the very best root systems, properly cared for, and have the best success with your planting.

We make every effort to fill your order completely. Because of the diversity of what we grow and the nature of growing plants, we sometimes are out of stock on certain items. You will only be charged for trees that are shipped. We do not back-order trees that are out of stock. We will not make substitutions without prior permission from you to do so.

We also grow many of our trees in larger sizes for the landscape trade, up to 30 gallon trees. These sizes are listed in the product page for each variety.  These trees can be up to 10-12’ tall, so must be picked up directly at the farm. We can sometimes help arrange trucking. Please call 1-800-669-2067 or email us at to inquire on pricing.