9/20/12 - FALL SHIPPING IN OCTOBER - We will be shipping Dunstan Chestnut ™
18-36” Tree band-grown trees for a limited time in October this fall. Fall planting can be
beneficial to the trees as the roots grow as long as the ground is not frozen, so the young
trees root in over the winter and then do not have transplant shock when they leaf out
next spring. In a dry year like this one, this can mean better survival for the young trees.
Fall rains help water the trees in, and they need less moisture in the fall than in the spring
with new leaf growth. October is the prime time for fall planting in the South, and it is
also when you are at your hunting land.

However, because we are shipping from Florida, where our trees are still growing
strongly, we can only ship to the central and southern states, from VA, KY, TN, AR and
south. This way the trees will not be accidentally damaged in an early freeze that could
occur in the northern states of NY, OH, IL, PA, MI, etc.

Please email or call us if would like to get Dunstan Chestnuts to plant this fall.

9/15/12 - DEER EATING ORCHARDIST’S CROPS – We just returned from a 2
week road trip attending the national Chestnut Growers Association meeting in Michigan
and the International Chestnut Meeting in West Virginia, and visiting orchards of our
Dunstan Chestnut trees planted 20 years ago in Michigan, Ohio, Delaware, Virginia and
North Carolina. The trees were all doing great and bearing on average 20-50 lbs of nuts
per tree. One grower was harvesting every other day and getting 10,000 lbs of nuts, and
when he started picking up the nuts every day, the harvest jumped to 26,000 lbs. The
deer were eating 2/3 of his crop! Every one of these growers had major problems with
deer, and had to fence their farms to keep the deer out. One farm in the Blue Ridge had
bear that were actually breaking limbs out of trees to get at the sweet, nutritious mast! If
you want to attract game to your land, there is no better tree than Dunstan Chestnuts.

Chestnut harvest started early this year at our farm, and our game cameras show that the
deer are back in the orchard. The ground is littered with empty shells where the deer
actually eat the sweet tasting kernels and leave the spiny husks and shells. Chestnut
harvest runs from early September in the South through mid November in the North.
Keep checking back in – we will be posting videos of the deer on our farm eating the

year, in addition to our grafted Oriental Persimmons, we are offering grafted American
Persimmons that are female, and will produce fruit in only 2-3 years. Seedling American

Persimmons are either male or female, and you can’t tell for 4-5 years until they either
produce male flowers or fruit. By planting grafted trees, you get guaranteed fruit, don’t
need a pollenizer, and get fruit sooner too! The grafted varieties bear medium sized 1-
1.5” long fruit, and will grow in Zones 6-9.


Dunstan Chestnuts to be featured on Whitetail Properties!  In April 2014, we filmed 2 shows of planting trees on Dan Perez's and Paul Sawyer's farms in IL and MO
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