Our mission at CHESTNUT HILL OUTDOORS is to provide you with the best varieties and best quality Food Plot Trees and to help you be successful in improving your land and its carrying capacity for game and wildlife.

CHESTNUT HILL OUTDOORS is a division of CHESTNUT HILL NURSERY, a nationally recognized leader in the introduction and development of new varieties of nut, fruit and flowering trees. We bred and introduced the patented blight resistant Dunstan Chestnuts, the most widely grown chestnut tree in America, and many new fruit and flowering tree varieties, including new Oriental Persimmons from Japan, and low chill fruit and flowering trees developed by the University of Florida. We are the largest grower of these varieties in the southeastern U.S. For more information, please visit www.chestnuthilloutdoors.com

The nursery is located on 150 acres of farmland and forest in north central Florida near Gainesville. We are open to the public by appointment. We manage our land for deer, turkey, and quail, along with other wildlife and birds.

CHESTNUT HILL NURSERY was founded by R. D. Wallace, grandson of internationally recognized plant breeder Dr. Robert T. Dunstan, and son of Dr. A.T. Wallace, former plant geneticist and Dean of Agricultural Research from the University of Florida. Wallace founded Chestnut Hill Nursery in 1981 to propagate Dunstan chestnut trees and is one of the primary persons responsible for establishing the American chestnut orchard industry. Over the last 30 years, we have grown and sold enough trees to cover 500,000 acres with new forest. That is a very negative carbon footprint!

We propagate all of the plants we sell on our own farm. We maintain our own budwood orchards, so we know exactly what we are propagating. Unlike many mail-order nurseries, which buy in bareroot trees to resell from other nurseries (that they cannot tell apart) we grow it here!

We specialize in growing trees in root-enhancing containers from seedlings to large sized trees. We take special care to produce only the highest quality liners, which will grow into the best trees. Just like with anything, you get what you pay for, and you get out of your planting what you put into it. To see results from those who have purchased our trees, see Testimonials.

We will do everything we can do to help you be successful, from providing you the best plants to helping you with learning how to grow the trees. We encourage you to call us with all of your questions, at 1-855-386-7826, or email us at chestnuthilloutdoors@gmail.com.